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Invicta Watch Group began as a Swiss watch company in 1837. It was founded by Raphael Picard in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. It was re-established in 1991 when the brand was acquired by an American company. The corporate headquarters for Invicta is located in Hollywood, Florida, in the United States.

Barry from California posted a review about Invicta Watch Group on Consumer Affairs in August 2020:

"At the beginning of last month, I purchased several watches from Invicta. To this date, I have yet to receive one order. I have made numerous attempts to contact them through email the site and my phone. I've gotten through twice to the same guy who's working out of his home. I asked him for his boss or a supervisor to find out what was going on with my orders. He gave me an email for his supervisor supposedly sent her two emails she never responded. Ended up filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I'm still waiting on my watches to be delivered Weeks Later. There's something very fishy going on with this company. They are collecting people's money and sitting on it for six to eight weeks before they even process the order. Why hasn't someone in Authority done something about this? Just like me tons of people have complained but no one's taken any action to correct the errors of this company. Why?"


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"illegally holding commission checks and need to be sued"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"The upper management is VERY willing to look the other way if you make the company money so if you are looking for a gold mine, you found it. The HR department consists of 2 people and they are completely disorganized and unprofessional. The area managers are a joke and cannot be trusted to handle issues in the store. I was given training by someone who had been with the company for only 2 months longer than I had and was given no support when that manager quit abruptly. I was never given full training and there are no policies and procedures available to employees like you would find with other companies. I was accused of things that I would never do and have never done such as stealing money when everything is on camera and when I called this out, they backtracked and made it seem like I was misunderstanding them. I’ve been a manager for several other companies and Invicta sets you up for failure. I have never had so many issues with employees who should have been fired and have had several anxiety attacks in the store due to the issues that arose in the 6 months I was a manager with them. I am a good manager and this company almost ruined my career with their accusations and unprofessionalism. The prices in the stores are gouged but they try to use promotions to make unknowing buyers spend more than they would if they bought the watches online. If you have any sort of integrity or conscience I would highly recommend looking elsewhere. The company competes against itself and is only out for $$$. That’s why they spend $160 to make a watch then charge the customers in the store $619 to purchase it. I’ve seen the mark ups and will no longer be a customer myself. BEWARE!!"

Former Employee - Key Holder says

"I literally was thrown into the fire. A company is supposed to support you, not make you do their legal work. The store was opened before the permits were available and I had to fight to keep the store open so it wouldn’t have to be shut down. I worked from sun up to sun down without a break because you can’t leave the kiosk empty. I would send emails for orders like for shipment and supplies and wouldn’t receive anything for months. Recognized my emails were being deleted so it looked like I wasn’t doing my job. I did not feel safe at this job. There was an active shooter and me and my team didn’t feel safe in the mall anymore. We kindly asked if we could shut down for the day like the other stores, but the manager asked “is this good for the business?” This company is literally money hungry and doesn’t care about its associates. After the active shooter incident I knew I had to leave. After a few weeks of working after the incident I was told to forget about the past and aim to make Sales sky rocket and that things would change. Everything got worse. I had an injury from working here and they wouldn’t give me time off to heal. I was also promised a certain amount of money but literally every check was short ! The commission was ok but a lot of the team members checks came up short. The company makes the store manager do everything even legal work that only the CEO should be doing. We lost a lot of associates and store managers that bent over backwards for the company. I didn’t sleep for a whole week because when’re you open a new store you spend 8-13 hours setting it up with only 2 other people and you’re required to come right back in the morning to open. The company is highly disorganized and the only reason they’re opening so many stores so quickly is one of course because of the ridiculous sales and two, they only hire 2 people when they open a store so they can hurry to the next town to build another. I never should’ve worked here. My injury is finally getting better from working here but this is the most insensitive money hungry disorganized company I’ve ever worked for. I hope things change."

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"-Poor corporate foundation trickles all the way down from the top, creating a flailing experience in leadership and company structure -Promotions are executed by single persons and are not based on merit or experience, but uneducated guesses and favoritism -They are behind on technology, training, and recruiting by at least 5 years"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Unorganized from a store to CEO level Unprofessional Inexperienced Always messing up pay, taxes, meetings, trainings Communication sucks Hires just anyone for Management Work culture/Company does not care about you. You are just a #"


"no structure no direction no work life balance inexperienced managers"


"Micromanaged, the a little click and if you speak up against on they will get out. It's known and has happened to 5 people o know of. They're way of correcting issues is to fired people first chance instead of training. Great people suffer because the want to spend more of your life there and when you are off they make it a way for you to work from home."

Current Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Not structured at all. High turn over. Company believes too much in favoritism."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There were to many cons to count"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"You NEED to drink the “yellow koolaid” if you want to be successful in this company. Corporate is a mess, their turnover rate is off the charts (not many last over 6 months with the company), the company shoots itself in the foot by selling the same watches at INSANELY discounted prices both through evine and its own website, making it almost impossible to compete with them at the store level (they count on customers’ gullibility as they don’t expect them to check the website). Return policy online vs in store is completely different. Expectations and sales budgets are unrealistic and usually over 50% from LY sales. Constant micromanaging from corporate and a lot of favoritism. The company as a company wide group chat in which you need to participate in order to... I don’t know... get to know each other? Show off? Who knows."

MARKETING/ EDI MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"I was there for the paycheck. The employees morale were very low. If the CEO or the CEO Father or sister are having a bad day, its best to call in. An absolute nightmare!Weekend offnot a structure Company."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company, excuse me franchise, seems to absorb new vivacious talent like clouds collecting vapor through condensation, but no human being should have to feel like part of the water cycle. Before you even get your first check they solicit you, giving you a onetime discount no one can refuse. Essentially, they take money from you before you can earn any. Then pump you up with hope and opportunity, but their efforts are lost through lack of structure and development. The expectation is so high with little to no support it's mind blowing. From corporate HQ to the sales floor turnover is a huge issue. No one lasts typically longer then 1 year. No matter how successful and or congenial the employee is. For a company that boasts a 1837 start date they sure seem to still be figuring out some of the base fundamentals of business. This job is for sales people only, looking to make a quick buck and have a drop of fun. There are great opportunities to make money but they will burn the candle at both ends refuse any time off requests you have and totally disregard your personal life. If you even try to have your way whether protected by their own forged handbook they will dispose of you. If someone dies in your family, you will be fired if you need more then 1 day off. I was asked to come to work after a funeral even though there was coverage. Very horrible experience if you chose to gamble your well being for a few big checks pick Invicta they will be all to eager to devour you until you have nothing left to give them. Don't fall for the trap and become part of the water cycle, beforeyoung, fast pacedbiased, unrealistic goals, bad culture, horrible work environment, double stadards"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Never again. Management is lacking, CEO is lacking. Only 2 bathroom stalls, parking is a 5 minute walk, it's freezing cold, no coffe or tea allowed, no team lead or supervisor, customers call in threatening. Human Resources manager is rude and nasty.One hour lunch and paid holidays offNo breaks, no respect, HR is very rude, no supervisor, no team lead, horribly run"

Escalation Analyst (Former Employee) says

"It's incredible how at any moment you can lose your job. FOR NO REASON just because ! I worked for them by the grace of job for almost 3 years and one day the Owner just said all of you GO! It's family owned so they do what they . They can put bread on your table or let some crazy HR lady Fire you because she felt like it. NO BUENO !"

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The owners are deceptive lying and corrupt point. Vall the care about I'd their yachts and their ennui ego. Management is backstabbing and are only looking to make themselves looked beyeer, taking credit for other peoples work. They blatantly commitment fraudulent transactions and lie to customers. ThthTheywhocompany will sell you out in aheartbeat"

General Manager (GM) says

"I've always been a collector of their time pieces. So given then opportunity to be at the helm of what was at that point the companies flagship location I was floored. The immediate supervisors were always of great help, as well as the other GM's. What turned me away from the company were the cooperate supervisors. Regardless of performance (which was always among the top 3 of its then 10 stores), they were concerned with those who did not suck up to them. I haven't purchased another timepiece from them since we parted ways, and I would never recommend them as an employer.Great monthly discount.Horrible work/life balance"

ASM (Former Employee) says

"When they hired me, they offered me benefits, ( insurance) the Insurance that they have is from Florida and its way more expensive than other state. They will tell you that they are looking for a TX package, ( 6 months and nothing happened) so basically you don’t have insurance if you want to have your family included. Also they offered me 40 hrs a week, after a few weeks they hired more people and then cut your hours without inform you, when you ask about this change they will tell you because the new hires. So basically you will work 32 hrs or lesser, depending on the staff and the manager. Not in your numbers ( even if you are the best sales person. ) they push you to open credits, so be aware of this.Dress code.Poor management, Company still learning a lot of procedures, bad marketing, every day changes in the corporation staff, poor Quality of product, poor inventory they take months to provide new products in to the stores, no Trainning."

Sales Lead Manager (Former Employee) says

"The entire process from start to finish was a hot mess. Management was untrained and unprofessional. The expectation that corporate set was unrealistic to achieve. For all the stress and expectation, the pay was not worth it. It was a high turnover due to poor management and hostile work environment.Pay is higher than most retail storesManagement is clueless and untrained."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"It's not so much Invicta that received the low rating, it's the retailing end which is run by Retaling Enterprises. You're pretty much selling watches to new and existing collectors. The director says everyone is a family but that's only if you're kissing up and feeding his ego, or "drinking the yellow kool-aid" as he says. That's the only way to stick around in this company. I had two Area Managers in less than a year, they both quit within about for months of each other. The highlight of working here was meeting with the other store managers twice a year in Florida.Great discount, work/life balance is not badbenefits are expensive, it can be really slow at times, hours can go by without having a sale, no paid leave for full-time pregnant employees"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"the store never met sales goals and the management was poor. you need product knowledge about all of the watches and you need to put yourself out there to make a sale."

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Its a family owned company so what-ever they say goes. The management is in over their head and at times favor employees not by work abilities but on likeability.good pay with weekly" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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